Our Mission

Brooklyn Packers is a worker-owned, Black-led food sourcing, packing, and distribution cooperative. We form a conduit between farms and the city, building Brooklyn food sovereignty.

As anti-capitalists under capitalism, we organize to build, and be a part of, a solidarity economy. To this end, we guarantee worker-owners the same salary and equal company voting rights; we buy from small, sustainable food businesses in our local economy, with a preference for worker-owned cooperatives and women / queer / POC-owned farms; and we facilitate access to our food through sliding scale pricing.

In 2021, worker-owner Steph Wiley co-launched Mumbet’s Freedom Farm, a BIPOC worker-owned cooperative farm in Western Massachusetts. Mumbet’s Freedom Farm supplies Brooklyn Supported Agriculture and many others.

In addition to Brooklyn Supported Agriculture, Brooklyn Packers handles bulk food acquisition, packaging, and transport for clients.

Worker Owners

  • Steph Wiley

    Steph Wiley is New York City born and raised. He has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and has been a member of Just Food’s board, the New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives (NYC NoWC) Advocacy Council, and the NYC NoWC Training Collective. Steph co-founded Brooklyn Packers with Shawn Santana in 2016. Along with his work at Brooklyn Packers, Steph is helping to develop a network of cooperative homesteads. He believes that aligned movements working together in solidarity is the best way to seek justice for all in our lifetimes.

  • Shawn Santana

    Shawn was born and grew up in Far Rockaway, Queens. He enrolled in Park West High School (now Food and Finance High School), where he won an internship at Gracie Mansion for Mayor David Dinkins. He graduated from New York Restaurant School and became a partner in a successful catering company. He co-founded Soul Flavors restaurant in Jersey City, and he co-founded Brooklyn Packers with Steph Wiley in 2016. Shawn has created and baked for many clients, including Martha Stewart, Lauryn Hill, MTV, Porsche, Shea Stadium, and Spike Lee.

  • Raina Kennedy

    Raina has worked in the food industry for almost ten years, and has been involved in alternative community food systems since joining her first local CSA in 2013. She is an organizer for the Central Brooklyn Food Coop and a board member for the Cooperative Economics Alliance of NYC (CEANYC). She received an MA in Food Studies from New York University, where she focused on policy, advocacy, and community food systems.

  • Karna Ray

    Karna is a musician, packer, and organizer based in Brooklyn. He is a founding member of the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers.

  • Scott Wiley

    Scott was born and raised in New York City. He has enjoyed being in the kitchen and making food from a young age. He started working in the food industry in 1998, and has been an entrepreneur in and around Brooklyn for almost 15 years. He attended Park West High School (now Food and Finance High School), and Paul Smith's College/The College of the Adirondacks’ Culinary Program.

Our Clients

Agape Food Rescue
Ancient Song Doula Services
BK Relief Kitchen
Bed-Stuy CPP
Bed-Stuy Strong
Brighter Bites
Brownsville Community Culinary Ctr
Camp Friendship Food Pantry

Church of God Food Distro Center
City Farm CSA
Crown Heights Mutual Aid
Dropping Seeds
East Brooklyn Mutual Aid
Everybody Eats
Farm to People
Happy Seniors Adult Daycare

Hold Down BK
KCSH Mutual Aid
NYC Corbin Hill Food Project
Riseboro CP
Share for Life
Sister’s 3 Tea Co-op
Stranger Wines
Teens For Food Justice
The Fortune Society